Fault Radio is a modern online radio station based in Oakland, CA. For each episode the station live streams from unique locations within our community, featuring both emerging local artists and businesses important to the Bay Area's identity. Our goal is to create quality content and programming to support the growth of local DJs and producers while bringing them to a larger international audience.

Fault Radio came together in response to a perceived lack of connectivity between Oakland’s many underground music scenes and the absence of quality alternative venues. At its core, the station is organized by artists and DJs who want to create a center for modern electronic music and DJ culture in Oakland.

At its foundation, our programming is based around a community network of artists, promoters, and venues that are pillars within the local music scene. We compliment this by also working with visiting international artists to provide opportunities for collaboration and increase visibility for the local scene.

By listening and working with Fault Radio you are helping to grow and sustain the music important to you. We hope that our programming creates long-lasting community and respect for an area we love dearly. Whether you tune in or not, at the end of every broadcast we can proudly say, "It's our Fault."