✫ Fault Radio X Dublab JP ✫ PopUp in Tokyo, Sep-12 at Véronique

Konnichiwa (こんにちは)!!!
We're thrilled to announce that this month we will be in Tokyo for special Fault Radio broadcasts! We're really excited about a mutual collaboration with dublab.jp, one of our favorites online radio stations worldwide.

On Thursday, September 12th the guys from Dublab Japan will host us at Véronique featuring DJ Kensei, AZZURRO, DJ Funnel, and Masaaki Hara.

Hours are 19:30 (JST) to 23:30 (JST) / 3:30 (PST) to 7:30 (PST).

Full lineup -

19:30 (JST) Azzurro

20:30 (JST) Funnel

21:30 (JST) Masaaki Hara


Tune in (曲) at faultradio.com

Fault Radio