Make it Funky at Classic Cars West / Open to the public

The DJ Collective - Make It Funky - are coming to Classic Cars West this Sunday. From 12-3pm we will have a live broadcast in the gallery featuring Joe Fro, Jay Handles, and Onemohit. The guys promise to bring funky, disco, house grooves, so all that's left for you is to order a margarita ;)

Make It Funky believes in crowd pleasing engagement, the call and return. We believe that the funk is a vibe that goes beyond the music and beyond the party. The funk is a sort of radiation of positive energy from a person’s body, an insistent rhythm appealing to various carnal qualities. Maybe funk is the difference between a group of people playing music and a party. 

Whatever it is, Make It Funky keeps it funky, but with one exception - the Funky train doesn’t go off the tracks. This train goes and goes; a churnin' urn of burnin' funk, slow without a hurry in the world; a steamrolling groove machine that’s still on time, always keeping heads nodding and two feet stepping.