Pretty Lady: Authentic American Diner


Pretty Lady: Authentic American Diner

April 28, 2019

By Brennan Ko Madden

Pretty Lady is an authentic American diner located southwest of Mandela Parkway in West Oakland. It serves classic American diner food specializing in a breakfast and lunch menu. It’s a no frills, low maintenance, only come if you’re not in a hurry kind of place that’s perfect if you just want a laid back meal. It’s no secret that West Oakland is a bit of a food desert and that makes Pretty Lady its oasis serving up hot plates of eggs, sandwiches, tater tots, and other diner staples to get you feeling full and happy

Screen Shot 2019-04-28 at 9.41.57 AM.png

The diner distinguishes itself through its comfortable low-key atmosphere and no bullshit allowed attitude. It serves as a key gathering spot for the neighborhood; a place where friends and neighbors can share a bite after work or break their fast in the morning. The seating is an all around old school u-shaped counter that feels like it was taken out of a Twin Peaks episode. True to the American diner experience you can kind all walks of life at the counter eating together, everyone trying to re-fuel their tank with a hot meal and warm company.

Pretty Lady is located at 1733 Peralta St, Oakland, CA 94607 and is open 8am – 3pm. If you are ever in Lower Bottoms in need of a pick me up, the #2 breakfast plate is sure to hit the spot.

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