Housepitality Celebrates 9 Years

Housepitality Celebrates Its 9th Anniversary

October 1, 2019

By Brennan Ko


San Francisco’s longest running weeknight party turns 9 years old and celebrates at F8 with the House and Techno community


It’s another weeknight and you don’t have work the next day. You and your friends want to hit the town and maybe sweat out the week’s strife on the dance floor. But where are you going to find a captivating dance floor in the middle of the week? If you are in San Francisco on a Wednesday night the answer is easy because that’s when one of the city’s best parties comes to life. I’m talking about Housepitality.


Housepitality is San Francisco’s longest running weekly party dedicated to house and techno music. The party, in its early forms, started in 1998 with Michael “Lil T” Tello (Pillow Talk) throwing small intimate monthly parties at Kate O’Brien’s for house aficionados. Tello formed the basis for the Housepitality party from his experiences at other local parties going on at the time.

“At the time I would always rate a party, underground or club by the level of hospitality my friends and received at the door; from the bouncers, ticket person, bar and especially the promoters,” Tello told Fault Radio. “I’ve also struggled through many a situation at bad clubs with horrible staff, bouncers and security teams at a time. I thought let me create a warm, welcoming place that feels like home with impeccable hospitality and House music, hence the name, HOUSEPITALITY.”

From 2000 to 2004, Housepitality was hosted at Rico’s Pizza consisting of both a main room and a second room affectionately dubbed the “Insect Lounge” which focused on all genres without a 4/4 beat including, Breaks, Hip Hip, Funk, D&B, Jungle, and down-tempo mushroom jazz. According to Tello the two room setup was a success, “This created the format for what now exists at F8.”

Photo courtesy of Housepitality

Photo courtesy of Housepitality

The party would go on hiatus while Tello pursued other projects, including a party called LOVE IT! at ICON aka 1192 Folsom, now known as F8. When that party fizzled out Tello moved to LA to be closer to family, but the good folks at 1192 Folsom begged him to return. In 2010, Tello relaunched Housepitality at its current home in F8 where it’s been ever since. Over the years he enlisted the help of Miguel Solari, Victor Vega, Bryan Balli and Tyrel Willams to smooth out the operation of a weekly party and expand its repertoire.

Having found its home at cozy club F8, the party has become an institution for local DJs wanting to cut their teeth. Combine that with an impressive booking list consisting of KINK, Derrick Carter, Doc Martin, and Theo Parrish, the party is a well oiled machine. Many view playing a set there as akin to a badge of honor and that’s no overstatement ever since Housepitality was recognized in Mixmag’s list of “7 Best Parties in San Francisco.”

This Wednesday, October 2nd, marks Housepitality’s 9 year anniversary. Both the front and back room of F8 will be rocking to the likes of Miguel Migs, Mikey Tello, dAvi A, and Shane One. As per usual tickets are kept affordable and there will be complimentary champagne from 9-10pm. It’s another momentous occasion for San Francisco’s house and techno community, so don’t miss your chance to pay your respects on the dance floor.

“You’ve got to dance like nobody’s watchin’

It’s gotta come from the heart if you want it to work.”

(Susanna Clark and Richard Leigh - “Come from the Heart”)

Photo courtesy of Housepitality

Photo courtesy of Housepitality

If you can’t get enough Housepitality in your life then make sure to check out HOUSE.PIT CHI and mark the opening of Housepitality New York on November 22, 2019, with Joe Smooth (DJ International, Chicago).

Fault Radio will be giving away a pair of free tickets to a Housepitality 9yr: Miguel Migs, Mikey Tello, dAvi A, Shane One. Enter here for a chance to win!

Housepitality residents and guests: