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Fault Radio International Broadcasts

August 27, 2019


Fault Radio is crossing the Bay and has been hosting international broadcasts from different places around the world.

Our first international broadcast was held in Tel Aviv. We teamed up with the influential Teder.FM, Tel Aviv’s premier radio station and community builders, to broadcast some of the city’s best DJ’s and producers.


The joint broadcasts started in Tel Aviv and ended in San Francisco and were recorded from two record stores, Nuweiba and RS94209 featuring leading artists from both cities.

A tour in Tenderloin neighborhood in SF, this one of a kind broadcast gave us the opportunity to finally host Josh Cheon the man behind Dark Entries label from the label's HQ at RS94209.

If you missed the live stream, check out for these sets from our archives: Tai Rona, Lily Haz, Yoav Sa'ar, Deepfunktion, Josh Cheon, and Vin Sol.

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Second Stop: New York City

The guys from Easy Lover in Brooklyn hosted us for an all-night broadcast featuring some local and newcomers DJs.

We had the pleasure to open the broadcast with our friends from BROUHAHA - Rouse and The Disco Volante who recently moved to the big apple. After that we hosted the guy behind the brand Bvrly (Record Store/Clothing) who joined forces with Guillaume from Spring Theory Records. The broadcast ended with the well known DJ Rustam Ospanoff (Jazzystan).

Catch the live stream from NY here!