It was the act of technological ultraviolence that sent Borchers down the path to forming YobKiss, a pitch-dark, filth- ridden tour de force into the worlds of acid house and electro. The first full release on Tokyo based Macaroni Records "Pure Sperm From The Evil Blood Of Techno (2008)" was fused with the energy from the Osaka brakecore scene and features vocals from artists from that era like Doddodo, Bogulta and Maruosa. Five Japan tours later "The Light EP was released on a small indie label in The Hague and features Yuko Araki from Tokyo on vocals. The beats were slower and the live drums were layered with drum machines. These are songs that come spitting and scratching from The Hague's locked groove, clawing rhythm into something new and twisted wherever there’s an opening. In the meanwhile YobKiss also started doing more DJ sets and had a residency for some years at the X-Ray stage at the Lowlands festival in the Netherlands. "The Light" release got Electronic Emergencies from Rotterdam interested in doing more and the rest is History. In 2019 the third full album "The Remains of a Gone Optimism" will be released on Medical Record from Seattle.