TWINS is the alias of a producer and dj residing in Atlanta, GA. TWINS is an acronym that stands for That Which Is Not Said. TWINS has been known to dabble in a variety of sounds taking influence from post-punk, acid, house, new wave, electro, ebm, a..

TWINS is the paranoid outsider-pop project of Atlanta-based producer Matt Weiner. Having spent the better part of a decade reveling in a mutant murk that intersects seductive synth-pop with Featureless Ghost and grotesque industrial-dance grooves in his own right as TWINS on records issued by CGI, Clan Destine, and Ruralfaune, Weiner has more than proved his sincerely sinister and auspiciously artful finesse of synth-based music. Operating from his home studio, arrayed with various tools of the trade, Weiner culls his subtle scourges of sound with an unending sense of bold exploration, processing tracks of rhythmic, aural catharsis. When not making music as TWINS, Weiner also runs the CGI_Records label and co-runs the DKA label, between the two releasing records from Will Azada, Profligate, Alex Falk, High-Functioning Flesh, VALIS, Scott Fraser, Beau Wanzer, Featureless Ghost, Golden Donna, and more.