Sacre Cheu




Sacré Cheu is a Bay Area based music producer and performance artist. The name, much like the music itself, is inspired by the french phrase uttered as a response to surprise (sacrebleu!). For a number of years, Sacré Cheu has been crafting his own species of electronic music, drawing inspiration from Grimes to Guillermo del Toro to Alexander McQueen. Cheu is boundless when it comes to composition- allowing himself to be unrestricted by genre and influence, he creates soundscapes that inevitably transport listeners to familiar places they haven’t been to yet. He’s taken the project to some of the West Coast’s most prestigious stages, from San Francisco’s Mezzanine to The Viper Room in Los Angeles. His music’s also been licensed by the likes of MTV, Saturday Night Live, among others. Sacré Cheu has figured out the sound of serendipity- of finding yourself in just the right place, even if you don’t know where that is yet.