Ivana Karpierz




Polish born Dj currently residing in San Francisco. Being born and raised in Eastern Europe in a family of musicians it would only take a little time for Ivana to develop passion for electronic music. Since the early years she was already into range of different house and techno music styles, often attending festivals in and around Poland. But her real development as an artist and a dj started when she decided to move to San Francisco, a city of artists and countless possibilities. By starting to spin in her own basement, Ivana quickly picked up style that featured dark, minimal and groovy patterns with big basslines. She quickly developed an ear for this style of sound and it didn't take long for her to start a serious dj career in San Francisco, playing across many underground clubs and parties. In 2016 Ivana has opened a party series called EastBlock that took place monthly at a local club Monarch, featuring local and international talents. Soon after she joined SF's Aftertouch as a resident dj making her way to establish a name for herself in her local scene as well as abroad. Her ability to move a dancefloor with tastefully energetic sets has put her on bills with major acts like Praslea, Barac, David Gtronic, Archie Hamilton, Subb-An and more. Clubs across the US, France, Hungary and the famous Distrikt camp at Burning Man have called for her services.