DJ Funnel




Shinichiro Mikawa known as DJ Funnel is a Tokyo based DJ and track-maker. He is the owner of record label/music collective “stripe-dot.” and is the director of record label “astrollage”. His DJing skills allow significantly smooth flow that is delicately blended with wide range of music selections crossing over genre borders varying from bouncy scratching hip hop beats to warm and gentle acoustic music to echoing ambient sounds, all of which are perfectly displayed in his numerous DJ mix series which he has released over the years. Along making his own music often described “airy lyrical”, he has contributed remix works for artists like L.E.D. and No.9 to name a few. While enjoying his involvement with radio (Japan branch of LA’s dublab) as “labrat DJ”, he keeps himself busy in managing recored label “rings”. His 14th DJ mix “It's Time To Get Up” (released in Apr.2019) is his latest work available.